Cuban Influence of Fashion

We cannot get away from the constant references to Cuba these days.  We see images of ancient cars rolling through streets lined with colorful colonial buildings, each a different hue, all of this on a Caribbean island with the sparkling blue sea, white sand beaches and blue skies.

The reality is indeed colorful.  Buildings and cars reflect a wild abandon of hues, but all are united by a similarity of high intensity and middle to high value.    And now, it seems that the imagery is finally having its way with design.  Women’s clothing is cheery, if not downright explosive.
Cuban designers and those with Cuban heritage have always had an intimate understanding of the more intense colors, like Carolina Herrera, Alejandro Ingelmo, Christian Cota, and Esteban Cortazar.  Could it be that the colors one sees throughout one’s life etch themselves into the mind and set the stage for the right way to be?  Be prepared to experience the influence of Cuba in many areas of your life for a long time, as opportunities open up and its presence expands in the minds of more designers.  Does that means color is here to stay?  A color maven can only hope so.