Contemporary style is often defined by clean lines with a casual atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors, and elements and materials inspired by nature. It is all about finding shapes and silhouettes that flatter you and make you feel good about yourself. 

Classic style
 is a design that has stood the test of time because it is flattering on almost everyone and is never out of style.
: The outfit doesn’t show off too much skin; it leaves something to the imagination
: It accentuates the wearer’s best aspects and hides the problem areas

Effortless: The person wears the outfit, the outfit doesn’t wear the person.
: This can also be called the “Goldilocks rule”; the clothing cant be too tight, nor too loose. It must fit just right.

Cultivated: The outfit must be accessorized in a way that compliments and doesn’t detract from the wearer.

The Classic Fashion Personality’s Closet

A peek in your closet reveals many neutral colors, especially black and frequently navy. You own at least one little black dress and possibly several. You also tend to prefer solid colors, rather than prints. Most of your dresses and skirts fall to the knee.
You look for value in your wardrobe choices.